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Your Food Choices

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Your Dining Experience

Our dining services are designed to add excitement, variety, and social opportunities to the everyday lives of our residents.

Nothing feels quite as good as sitting down to share a great meal with friends, and even better if the food is ‘a little bit fancy’ and skilfully prepared from fresh ingredients in your very own kitchen. It is with this spirit that TerraNova’s kitchens are always bustling to serve up culinary delights to our residents.

Our meal services have ticks in all the boxes; from ensuring the meals themselves are of a high quality, prepared by qualified and experienced kitchen teams using premium recipes, to creating a dining atmosphere that you won’t want to leave, we’ve got it all.


Our Meal Service...

Choice of main meals

Designed by professional chefs

Reviewed by expert dieticians

Seasonally appropriate

Social or private dining
Your Food Choices
Your personal tastes matter to us...

Fancy some Italian pork chop with demi-glace sauce, topped off with peach, rhubarb and custard pudding? Or how about some roast beef, potatoes, pumpkin, and minted peas, accompanied by Yorkshire pudding and rich brown gravy? These are just some of the great meal choices you will enjoy in our homes.

Choice makes life interesting, varied, and gives us opportunities to look forward to the day in anticipation. We enjoy making choices in almost all areas of our lives - so we thought “why should dining be any different?” , and set about doing something different for dinner time which would set us apart from almost every other residential care provider.

We are very proud we go the extra mile with our dining services where we offer an off-the-menu choice of daily main meals. Having this choice of meals adds tremendous value to the everyday lives of our residents, and we simply can't resist the opportunity to delight their taste buds.

Note that a choice of meals is not normally offered in residential care (or is a premium ‘added charge’ service if offered at all); however, we provide it as part of our standard service for no additional fee. In fact we quietly hope that all aged care providers will catch on to this and do it for their clients one day.

Sample Menu

Take a look at the sample meals from one of our menus to satisfy your curiosity about what exactly is on offer:
  • Roast beef, served with a side of roast potatoes, pumpkin and roasted peas, rounded off with a Yorkshire pudding and rich brown gravy
  • Crumbed fish, with scalloped fries, garnished with steamed broccoli and corn kernels
  • Self saucing macaroon pudding, topped with vanilla sauce
  • Hot poached pears and chocolate sauce
Don’t compromise your love of food when moving into residential care. Choose one of our homes and re-discover what great food tastes like.

Meet one of our Chefs

Bev Reeves, Brittany House (Hastings)
Having completed a challenging 3 year National Certificate in Food Service, Bev knows what it takes to run  a busy kitchen and dining service. In 2013 Bev was one of only 3 people in New Zealand who had completed the Certificate, placing her culinary skills well above what can normally be expected in a rest home.

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“We have the utmost respect for the tireless effort put in by all the staff on a daily basis”
- Monica’s family



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