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Our resident-focussed model of care is just that - care that is wholly focussed on increasing the total wellbeing of our residents physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

You should expect nothing less than a total concern for your wellbeing from any residential care home. Your new home is more than just a bedroom; it is a place where individuality, choices, socializing, hopes and dreams are celebrated by staff who works towards one goal - to positively increase the quality of your life.

Often when thinking of care, we conjure up images of doctors and nurses scurrying around with medical equipment, racing from one resident to the next performing procedures and filling out charts. This view of care can be depersonalized, treating the person as an object, with this often adding unnecessary anxiety and stress onto an already difficult situation. We do not believe that this is care, instead, we place the total wellbeing our residents at the heart of everything we do.
While caring for the physical needs of our residents does represent a significant portion of our daily efforts, this is only one part of providing great care.  Our philosophy of care holds us accountable for the wellbeing of the entire person in our care, taking into account individuality, needs, wants, dreams, and working with you to understand how we can help improve the quality of your life.
We focus on offering you choices, engaging with you, and asking you about your preferences. We work hard, focusing on the strengths of our residents to bring out the best in them, and celebrate individuality. Care should be life-affirming, and it is this philosophy that is central to our care.
To find out more about our resident-focussed model of care, please browse the four areas below, each representing a key component in providing the best possible care.
Your Individuality
Residential Care Individuality

We celebrate individuality, and encourage you to be be who your are.

Your Food Choices
Residential Care Food Choices

Great food, great choices, and great times. Take a peak at our exceptional dining services

Your Social Life
Residential Care Social Life

We help you stay connected with friends and family, and provide plenty of opportunities to make new friends.


Our Homes

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“We have the utmost respect for the tireless effort put in by all the staff on a daily basis”
- Monica’s family



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