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We are proud to receive glowing feedback from our residents and families about all aspects of our care.

Lets be frank, we do get criticism, and sometimes it's deserved. However, if we’ve got it wrong you can be assured that we will do all we can to put it right. And in the end we are very encouraged that the vast majority of feedback we get is compliments and letters of thanks for ‘going the extra mile’. If you need reassurance about the high quality of our care, please browse these genuine testimonials below to set your mind at ease.

If you have any feedback, positive or negative, that you would like the share with us, then please contact us on 0800 00 55 11 or email us on

Quote “I have had the privilege of spending time and observing the amazing work and dedication of the awesome caregivers, the wonderful cooks and the Registered Nurses. These wonderful people give 150%. They love the residents and they treat everyone of them with love, dignity and respect.”

Quote “My heart felt thanks and gratitude to all of you for your care of my mother over the past three months. From the fabulous laughter that we listened to in the hallways, it was wonderful to feel the lightness in your voices. To the soft singing voice of others, to help our journey more blissful. For the strong arms that took such gentle care of a woman who means the world to me. To the reassuring voices that let us know that Mum was safe and cared for with dignity. For the understanding and thoughtfulness that was given to both my mum and myself. It takes very special people to give the care that is so often forgotten, to people you have had a very interesting lives and may not be able to share their past journeys. To help people into this final journey is a great honour.”

Quote “I was in hospital and was unable to cope at home, so my daughter and I decided I would come to Monte Vista. I wouldn’t go to any other place in Taupo!! I get on so well with all the staff, they are marvellous. We have lots of fun and laughter. I feel so secure here, and warm and happy. I think I have the best room at Monte Vista because of the view of the mountains and lake. My family visit often and they are happy that I feel so settled. I enjoy the entertainment, especially the line dancers and the lady who comes to play the piano accordion. Every Monday the Piano Ladies come and we all do lots of singing. Kath and I always sing the Monte Vista theme song, which is ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary”
Thelma, 90 years

Quote “I enjoy the fact that independence is encouraged. This means I can come and go as I please. I enjoy the staff, the meals and the extras that they do for us such as the weekend meals. We are taken in the van twice a week to historical places, as well as other places in the Taupo District. This we always enjoy. I was pleased to be asked to be the Maori Advocate for Monte Vista and it’s good to see that the staff are learning about all cultures.”
Gene, 74 years

“The decision to live at Brittany Residential Care was made for me - and I am very happy here. I love the gardens and spend a lot of time outside feeding the birds. Brittany Residential Care is clean and tidy. I have security and feel safe at night. We have respectful care staff who take into account what ‘you’ want. I enjoy activities, outings and interesting things to do. Along with peace of mind for the family . They can now have a break from looking after me and worrying about me. I have people to talk to and it is warm and friendly.”
Alma Duley

“I like a lot of things about Brittany Residential Care. The nice people, good meals and the get togethers in The Hub with music.  I have activities, outings and plenty of things to do. I’m able to go to gym and town on a mobility scooter.  Brittany Residential Care is close to town and has friendly people. I chose to live here because of the spacious room and lounge areas. I liked the smiles and happy people I saw on my initial visit. (I could see that this was a place that people were happy to live in.)”
Shawn McCarthy

Quote “I have been a resident at Riverleigh hospital for nearly 2 1/2 years. I was not keen on going into care, but once I settled in have found the care to be very good. I have company, the staff pop in for a quick chat often, I enjoy the meals and the social events. We have regular outings which I really enjoy. I have regular visits from my family and friends, even visits to the local pet shop. I am happy to be here and know my family are happy with the care I receive.”
Rosina, 95 years

Quote “We have the upmost respect for the tireless effort put in by all the staff on a daily basis”
Monica’s family

Quote “The nursing staff should be immensely proud that Peg has no broken skin. The Kitchen staff for the great food – especially the porridge. To all the staff thank you for treating Peg with dignity and respect. The care she received was fantastic.”
Peg’s family

Quote “Enjoy the varied activities program and Rose is a great motivator and an inspiration. Everyone works at their own pace and to their abilities. A lot of fun and laughs”

Quote “Everybody is kind to me and considerate as I am not always perfect”

Quote “When June and I took up residence at Riverleigh, we considered ourselves very fortunate. We both had been trying to maintain our independence at home together for just on 60 years of marriage with Homecare, Meals on Wheels etc, but found it hard going when June, my caregiver, fell and broke her leg, and we both went to hospital. Our families did their best to help, but of course they have their responsibilities and the ambulance being called at early hours of the morning on two or three occasions was hard for them. So finally we arrived at Riverleigh. Although both in rather a depressed state of health and mind, we both rallied round with all the wonderful old world care and kindness that was offered and on hand. Everything is on hand; medical care, nursing, meals, laundry, showering, bed making, dressing assistance, entertainment; and social relationship is of a very high standard, to make life sustainable with outside contacts for trips etc. You have no need to vegetate. The most endearing part of Riverleigh is the care, and smiling attention extended to us all by management and staff, at all times from dawn until dusk. I have no fear in recommending Riverleigh as a 100% Home for the Hutt Valley. Thank you Riverleigh.”
June & Walter

Quote “I am a single person and I have been on my own for fifty years earning my living and doing everything in connection with it by myself. I made a decision years ago that if I was unable to look after myself and home I would go into a rest-home, which happened sooner than I expected. In hospital I contracted a bug which aggravated my existing conditions and, unable to get sufficient home help, reached the stage of going into a rest-home where without the help my doctor said I wouldn’t be writing this. I had to sell my flat to support myself here. My relationship with the staff is good. We have a lot of laughs and they have become my family. I have my own activities such as reading and music. I also do not need activities planned for me, having been on my own for so long, but recently I have helped carry these out in the Day Centre assisting Rose who is in charge of this. The best thing about Brittany House is the huge grounds surrounding it. I have my own motorised wheelchair and I go around feeding the birds and seeing everything going on, and I can sit under the trees in the summer.”
Nancy, 77 years

Quote “I have always been a very independent woman and I hoped as I got older that I would be able to spend my ‘Autumn Years’ in my own home. That was not to be however as at the age of 98 I was unable to pass my drivers licence as my reflexes were too slow. My daughter, who also lived in Hastings, wished to visit her son in Sydney and planned to be away for four weeks. I agreed to come here for respite and return to my home when her holiday was finished. On her return home I asked her if she would like me to stay here, and that was over four years ago. I am very happy here, I am greatly loved and cared for, I have my Chapel, my music and my  family often come to see me.”
Essie, 102 years

I chose Riverleigh Residential Care because it was close to family and had plenty of walks, flat roads etc. It ticked most of the boxes of what I was looking for. I liked the smiles and happy people I saw on my initial visit. (I could see that this was a place that people were happy to live in). Riverleigh Residential Care has good food, attractive garden and I can pop outside whenever I want to. It has a good standard of care with friendly and listening staff who try to keep us all happy and busy.  I like the home cooked meals and choice of hot main meals.  Riverleigh Residential Care is clean and tidy with no smells. It is warm and friendly. I have people to talk to so I’m never left on my own and feeling lonely. I have peace of mind for the family, they now have a break from looking after me. By living at Riverleigh Residential Care I don’t have to worry about my health, falling, bills and cooking.  I have security and feel safe at night.”
Resident at Riverleigh

Quote “I didn’t want to go into a rest-home and leave my own home, but I couldn't manage by myself any longer. I like my room and having all my pictures and cards up to make it feel like home. The girls are kind and help me if I need it, and come in for a talk when they can.  They take me outside for walks. I like to do as much for myself as I can; I like to be independent. I help by folding the serviettes. I love having my family visit and they are made welcome too. I enjoy having visits from the volunteers and can help some improve their English. Annie, the dog, comes to visit me most days - I love the dog, she is very good company.”
Nan, 102 years

Quote “I had been in hospital for 14 weeks and I think the Rehab ward had given up any hope for me, so with my concurrence I was pleased to come to Riverleigh. A retirement home that enjoys panoramic views of grassy landscape sloping toward the Hutt River yet is still close to the city, its environs and facilities. I must have been in bad shape on arrival because the staff tell me I was grumpy and underweight, and I guess on reflection, it was partly the reaction everyone has on admittance to a Home - they go from a scenario of independence to dependence and this is not easy to overcome. However that scenario soon changed under the wonderful special care I needed from the staff and with whom I have had a great relationship for seven years. I am now back to my normal weight and active in every sense with a car and a computer. I am pleased to be able to repay by assisting other residents, and the recreation staff especially, in a number of ways and at the weekends and holidays. Anecdotally, I was recently required to engage a taxi and the driver remembered me from a previous trip about six years ago. He remarked ‘you look a damn sight better than you were when I last saw you’”.
Laurie, 83 years

I liked the smiles and happy people I saw on my initial visits to Monte Vista Residential Care. I could see by the positive feedback from people who were already staying here and loving it that this was a place that people were happy to live in. Monte Vista has good food, caring staff and attractive garden. It is warm and friendly and gives peace of mind to the family who can take a break from worrying about me. I feel safe at night and don’t have to worry about falling, cooking, my health or bills.”
Graewyn O’Sullivan

Quote “Twelve months ago I was very unwell in hospital and my wife was unwell at home. My going home would have been too much for my wife. A difficult decision was made and that was to find a rest-home for me. My wife and I came to Brittany House and I was promised the room I now occupy. It is well decorated and very spacious, which is good because I have residents visit all the time. There are times when I get lonely but with the help and support of the nursing staff, the Rest-home Day Care activities run by Rose (especially the entertainment which I enjoy) and the great meals, it’s not so bad.”
Owen, 78 years

“What I like most about Monte Vista Residential Care is the scenery. I have people to talk to so I am not left on my own feeling lonely. I enjoy the peace and quiet. Monte Vista has friendly and listening staff and a good standard of care. I recommend living here because of the atmosphere. I liked the positive feedback from all the people who were already staying here and loving it.”
John Sturn

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“We have the utmost respect for the tireless effort put in by all the staff on a daily basis”
- Monica’s family



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