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We are Building a Team of Exceptional Nurses

Our nurses are the backbone of our caring staff, and we recognize our nurses as champions for the quality of care in our homes. We work hard to recruit and train the best nurses in industry, so that our residents receive only the best possible care.
In the Aged Care industry, nurses take on a different role than they would in public hospitals. Aged Care nurses have more independence, and more opportunities for problem solving. Our nurses delegate to caregivers, and require confidence and front-footedness to manage every day nursing activities in a home.
Our Clinical Quality and Risk Advisor, Shay Gurney, is passionate about recruiting and developing a team of highly skilled nurses. Our nurses benefit from her energy, expertise, and support in providing leadership to all the clinical staff in the group.
Shay is always challenging our nurses to provide the best possible care. Here is what she has to say about nursing in the Residential Care industry:

"Are you up for it?"

People used to say, “Nurses who work in aged care, work there because it is easy, it’s a holiday or because they are no good, they couldn’t work anywhere else!” I don’t believe that this has ever been true, and I also believe that Aged Care nurses often require higher levels of leadership abilities and clinical excellence than nurses in other sectors. 

As the Aged Care industry increases in complexity, I predict that our nurses are going to be seen as the cream of the crop and the best of the best. Life expectancy is increasing, and the need in society for Aged Care nurses is growing as the average age of people in New Zealand increases.

So, nurses - are your skills good enough for you to work in aged care?

You need to ensure that you are confident and competent with knowledge of your resident’s conditions, assessment skills and your ability to coordinate and communicate resident needs and care within a team, particularly where urgent care may be indicated.

Almost all our residents receive palliative care – care that focuses on relieving and preventing suffering. Palliative care focuses on improving resident’s quality of life. We are privileged to be able to enable residents in this manner. But it means that we have to be competent in advanced care planning, and having difficult conversations.    

Aged care is not for sissies, or those nurses who want to cruise. It is a challenging, dynamic sector of nursing service that is exciting to be part of.

Aged Care has always been important, and will continue to grow in importance as society grows older. In light of this, we are looking to recruit nurses who are up for it.”

- Shay Gurney

If you are up for the challenge, then please visit our Vacancies page to see what nursing positions are currently available.

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