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Exceptional Caregivers are Born to Care


Caregivers perform extremely important work

As Caregiving involves close contact with the elderly, it takes a special kind of person to choose this profession. Read on below to find out more about why different people choose a career in Caregiving, what the work involves, and what qualities the best Caregivers possess.


Are you a Great Carer?

We believe that great carers possess five key traits, and we are building a team of caregivers that tick all the boxes. Consider how well you measure against the five standards below:

Great Carers are Dependable

Dependability is about providing consistently great care. We all have issues affecting our lives, but great carers never let anything get in the way of providing exceptional care to residents.

Great Carers have Patience

Patience is about recognizing that as we get older, our bodies no longer work the way they used to. Great caregivers are able to slow down to suit the pace of their residents.

Great carers are great Communicators

Communication is about advocating for the needs of our residents. Great carers effectively relay information to their co-workers about resident needs.

Great Carers are Flexible

Life is unpredictable. Flexibility is about changing our schedules to ensure that residents always receive exceptional care.

Great Carers are Compassionate

Compassion is about putting yourself in the shoes of others, and being aware of the range of issues affecting residents. Compassionate carers always consider the feelings of those they care for.
Working in Residential Care 

Meet Some of Our Caregivers                                     

Our Caregivers come from all walks of life. Some have worked in healthcare for their whole careers, while others found their calling later in life. No matter where they’re from, they all have the same calling to provide exceptional care. Meet some of our Caregivers by reading the profiles below.
Residential Care Staff Testimonial


After working as cleaner in a rest home, Pania discovered a passion for caregiving from observing the great work that caregivers do. It was this positive difference she saw caregivers make for the elderly that inspired her to change jobs and pursue career in caregiving. Now she finds that listening to and laughing with residents as one of the most rewarding aspects of her day, and greatly values the wisdom they impart.
Since starting as a caregiver at Brittany House, Pania has taken great strides in her career. Currently responsible as a team leader of a group of caregivers working with high needs residents, her passion has allowed her to benefit from additional training and development.
Residential Care Staff Testimonial


Shirley worked in a corporate environment as an accountant for 14 years until she realized that a career as a caregiver made her happier. A natural people person, Shirely finds working in Aged Care has helped her to understand people more than she has ever before. She has developed great friendships with her residents, and seeing residents smile adds a great amount of enjoyment to her work. Shirley never regretted her decision to trade the corporate environment for the life of a caregiver, as she finds her work so fulfilling.
Originally from Fiji, Shirley doesn’t miss home as much, as she sees staff and residents as being like one big family.

If you possess the traits of great caregivers, and are up for the challenge, then please visit our Vacancies page to see what caregiving positions are currently available.

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