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We are Proudly Investing into the Future of New Zealand

We are a New Zealand owned and operated business, focused on increasing wellbeing in New Zealand society

New Zealand is faced with an ageing population. Forecasts predict that a dramatically higher percentage of the population will require Aged Care services in the future, and that higher quality of Aged Care services will be necessary. We recognize that we all need to invest in New Zealand’s Aged Care industry now if we are to solve the problems of the future.
It is with that future in mind that we are actively working to increase the quality of Aged Care in New Zealand. We are working to be leaders in this field, and to lead others in the future. Thankfully we are not bound by overseas corporate investors, and can therefore actively work to improve the quality of Aged Care provided in New Zealand alone.  
Sadly, out of the 800+ Aged Care providers in New Zealand, many do not have the time or perspective to recognize the need to invest back into New Zealand. We do recognize this need, and will continue to do so and thereby contribute to increasing the wellbeing of New Zealand for all New Zealanders.
Only by investing locally now will we ensure that this generation and the next receive the great level of care they deserve.  Help New Zealand meet the challenges of the future by choosing a New Zealand owned and operated home for your care.

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