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Congratulations on Maintaining a 3 year Certification

We are delighted that Riverleigh has again been awarded another 3 year certification and achieved 100% in all areas.  Congratulations to our Riverleigh team in Lower Hutt.  all TerraNova Homes and Care facilities are regularly auditors against the NZ Health and Disability Standards.  These care Standards are monitored by the Ministry of Health and the audits are available for view on the Ministry of Health - HealthCERT web site.


Offering superb comfort for residents, and excellent accessibility for visitors, Riverleigh delivers great residential care in the heart of Lower Hutt

Based in an easily accessible business area of Lower Hutt, Riverleigh is an ideal option for locals as well as commuters from Wellington city and surrounding areas. And with accommodation options that offer a broad range of choices, you will almost certainly find one that suits you..  
Situated on the bank of the Hutt River, residents have views of a wonderful green belt on the riverside, and the activities of the bustling city on the other. Residents have direct access to a walkway leading to the river, and can easily access shops and local amenities. Boasting plenty of spaces tables available for activities, residents have range of options for daily living.
The building itself is so easy to navigate, with a lift and stairs between upper and lower floors for easy access. A central lounge opens up into an internal courtyard, creating a flow between indoor and outdoor recreational areas.
Riverleigh’s location is also ideal for visiting families. Being close to local business areas, many family members visit after their working day, or sneak in a quick hello at lunch time. Riverleigh is conveniently situated on bus and train lines, with easy access to amenities (including the local hospital). Within a minute’s drive of the motorway link to Wellington city, as well as Wairarapa and Silverstream, Riverleigh’s high level of accessibility makes it ideal for visiting families.
Riverleigh offers a variety of accommodation options, with a range of en suites and the ability to take couples. But what really sets Riverleigh apart is the exceptional suites, some of which contain separate bedrooms, en suites, and lounges. This level of accommodation is almost unheard of in residential care, making Riverleigh a top choice for comfort and convenience.
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Real Testimonials


“When June and I took up residence at Riverleigh, we considered ourselves very fortunate. We both had been trying to maintain our independence at home together for just on 60 years of marriage with Homecare, Meals on Wheels etc, but found it hard going when June, my caregiver, fell and broke her leg, and we both went to hospital. Our families did their best to help, but of course they have their responsibilities and the ambulance being called at early hours of the morning on two or three occasions was hard for them.  So finally we arrived at Riverleigh. Although both in rather a depressed state of health and mind, we both rallied round with all the wonderful old world care and kindness that was offered and on hand. Everything is on hand; medical care, nursing, meals, laundry, showering, bed making, dressing assistance, entertainment; and social relationship is of a very high standard, to make life sustainable with outside contacts for trips etc.You have no need to vegetate. The most endearing part of Riverleigh is the care, and smiling attention extended to us all by management and staff, at all times from dawn until dusk. I have no fear in recommending Riverleigh as a 100% Home for the Hutt Valley. Thank you Riverleigh.”
June & Walter


“I chose Riverleigh Residential Care because it was close to family and had plenty of walks, flat roads etc. It ticked most of the boxes of what I was looking for. I liked the smiles and happy people I saw on my initial visit. (I could see that this was a place that people were happy to live in). Riverleigh Residential Care has good food, attractive garden and I can pop outside whenever I want to. It has a good standard of care with friendly and listening staff who try to keep us all happy and busy.  I like the home cooked meals and choice of hot main meals.  Riverleigh Residential Care is clean and tidy with no smells. It is warm and friendly. I have people to talk to so I’m never left on my own and feeling lonely. I have peace of mind for the family, they now have a break from looking after me. By living at Riverleigh Residential Care I don’t have to worry about my health, falling, bills and cooking.  I have security and feel safe at night.”
Resident at Riverleigh


Our Manager

Eileen Thomson, Registered Nurse                                                                           


Eileen boasts nearly 30 years of nursing experience, with many of those spent managing residential care facilities. Eileen has 12 years of experience in New Zealand, where she has managed a range of both small and large multi-site facilities.

The depth of her experience perfectly positions her to uphold the high standards of care that Riverleigh is known for. Originally from the UK, she has immensely enjoyed her time and New Zealand, and considers it her home.

Our Clinical Coordinator

Julie-ann Earp, Registered Nurse                           

Julie-ann has almost 25 years of nursing experience both in the UK and New Zealand. Riverleigh Residential Care was one of the facilities she worked at when she first arrived in 2005. Her clinical expertise, passion for work, and wealth of knowledge in elderly care positions her to lead the quality of clinical care at Riverleigh. Through her leadership, residents are assured that a proactive clinical approach to identify and accommodate their individual needs are met.


Our Residential Care Services

We guarantee to provide the same great quality no matter what type of care is required.

Long stay

  • Rest-home Care

  • Hospital Care

Short stay

  • Respite Care

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Riverleigh Residential Care
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Helping you Throughout the Holidays

Our facilities are available to assist with short term care needs over the Holiday period 
If you are going on holiday and are worried about the care needs of your loved one during this time, Riverleigh offers short-term care services to assist you. Our short-term residents can expect to enjoy the same great service as any of our other residents, including a full meal service, activities, clinical, and household services. 

Because many healthcare staff are on leave during the Holidays (they’re only human, after all!), sometimes there may be some frustration in trying to access healthcare services during this time. If this is the case, then we may also be able to assist.
Not sure if we can help? Give us a call on 0800 00 55 11 and we’ll try our best to assist. 

Our Homes

Learn more about how our three unique rest homes can provide the perfect care for you


“We have the utmost respect for the tireless effort put in by all the staff on a daily basis”
- Monica’s family



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