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Without a medical degree it is very difficult to understand what medical care really involves. Often the names of procedures are more difficult to pronounce than they are to perform! It is with this in mind that we want to give you a general overview on this website of the main qualities of our great medical care.

Let's be honest - people go into care because they are no longer able to take safe care of themselves over long periods of time. We understand this, and we also understand that this is normal as we get older.

We also understand that people who come to us often have complex conditions and needs, which may be difficult to understand. Our medical care is focused on firstly understanding, and then treating conditions in the best way possible. We do everything within our power to alleviate pain, increase mobility, and enhance the quality of the lives of our residents. With a team of specialist medical practitioners on call, you never have to doubt that your needs are going to be attended to. 

We have specific initiatives in providing great care listed below, which affects all of our residents. We work to actively identify what type of care or intervention our resident needs, and act accordingly.

If you have specific questions about our medical care, and whether our care is suitable for your situation, our managers will be able to help you (obligation free) by dialing 0800 00 55 11. Below are just some of the features of the great quality of medical care you will receive, and that you should expect from any great provider of Residential Care.

What does it take to provide Great Medical Care?

Providing great care is a three part process, with all parts equally important. Firstly, it all starts with staff - we cannot provide exceptionally good care without recruiting and training nurses who are passionate, and competent, in providing care. Secondly, we equip our clinical staff with comprehensive tools and training to keep them at the top of their game. The third part is working within a controlled and up to date set of best practice, policies, and procedures, to ensure we only do our best at all times. We are proud to have all three of these elements firmly in place, resulting in consistently great care to all our residents.

Exceptional Nurses

We are proud to boast of a team of exceptional nurses. We take great care in selecting and training our nurses, and then continually training them further to ensure their skills are always up to date. The nursing team in each home is led by a Clinical Coordinator, or senior nurse, who oversees the quality of the day-to-day nursing in our homes.
Residential Care nurses really are something special. You are in safe hands.

Nursing Cover - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

We guarantee to always have a Registered Nurse on duty in all of our homes. This means that qualified and competent medical assistance, as well as peace of mind, is always available.

Each of our nurses are supported by an on-call network of senior clinical staff at their site and across all our sites. This means our Nurses are never alone, regardless of what day or time it is.

Managing Falls

Many residents come to us after suffering a serious injury caused by a fall. Falls remain one of the leading causes of hospitalization for the elderly, and therefore we have a serious focus on minimizing falls within our homes. Our carers can assist with walking and mobility, and our physiotherapists actively work to restore mobility and prevent falls.

Specialized Care

Whilst we have a full complement of competent nursing staff in all our homes, we may also bring specialists into our homes from time to time depending on the needs of our residents. These specialists include, but are not limited to:

  • Wound Care Specialists
  • Various types of Therapists
  • Doctors / Physicians
  • Palliative Care Specialists

Communicating Your Needs

A big concern for residents and families is a continuity of care, or that staff on one shift will adequately communicate the needs of residents to staff starting the following shift. This is an obvious danger area, as miscommunications could lead to serious complications in the quality of care provided. Because of this, we maintain a large focus on ensuring all care staff knows exactly what and how to communicate resident needs to their colleagues on the following shift. We also offer periodic courses to help equip our staff with the tools they need to communicate effectively.


Managing Your Pain

We know constant pain seriously affects the  quality of anyone’s life. Managing pain is a large focus of our care, and our comprehensive pain management procedures are designed to help ease discomfort in any way possible. Our physiotherapy services are also specially designed to ease discomfort and increase movement.

Managing Your Medication

All the medication you require will be delivered to our home, just for you. Our nurses will help you with all your medication needs, and your medication will not be shared with any other resident. You don’t have to worry about a thing.
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“We have the utmost respect for the tireless effort put in by all the staff on a daily basis”
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