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Hospital-level Residential Care

I have been assessed for needing hospital-level care. What does this mean?


What is Hospital-Level Residential Care

This is a specific type of care focussed on maximising quality of life, whilst managing complex medical conditions that require around-the-clock nursing assistance. This type of care is sometimes needed by older persons.

While Hospital-level care is usually provided within facilities we commonly call ‘rest homes’, it differs from rest home care because of the more sophisticated medical care provided to the  resident .
Hospital-level care requires specialised clinical expertise and equipment to manage these complex needs. Not all facilities are qualified to provide hospital level care – some in fact only provide rest home level care.
Hospital-level residential care also differs from care provided in public hospitals, where the approach emphasises a traditional medical model which does not necessarily focus on the total wellbeing of the patient. By contrast, hospital-level care in a residential setting is holistic, attending to the resident’s medical conditions, their lifestyle, as well as their emotional and social choices.

What You Should Expect

Our philosophy holds that great hospital-level care is based on expert Clinical Care and a Resident-Centred approach to care.

Expert Clinical Care

Our clinical expertise focusses on supporting you with a safe environment and then managing your physical needs in line with you preferences.
Caring at hospital level is much more complex than most people realise, and is best provided by a  multi-disciplinary team of expert practitioners working together collaboratively to effectively deliver your care.  If done well, this care means you can spend more time focussing on what matters to you, and less time worrying. 
Our approach to care is about being receptive, responsive, and proactive in delivering your needs, addressing your worries, and doing our best to put things back on track if you have had an upset or setback along the way.  

Resident-Centred Approach

Our approach to care is focussed on enhancing your quality of life; creating purpose in your time with us, and giving you the space to build lasting memories with your loved ones.
As different providers of hospital care will have different philosophies in how they approach your care, it really does matter that you choose a provider you feel confident will focus on what matters to you.

Residential Hospital Care Activities

What You Need to Consider Before Making a Decision

Receiving the best care from the right facility should be positive, life-affirming, and delivered within the assurance of high clinical standards.  There are three keys to our care that help guarantee our promise to you ‘to provide the best hospital-level care’.
Residential Hospital-level Care Communication


‘Great care’ really is about being informed
We discuss issues and address them quickly, proactively, and responsively. By keeping you fully informed of the progress of your condition, your medication, and how any discomfort and concerns can be managed, you will always know and understand what is happening and be assured of the treatment you are receiving.
If you wish your families and loved ones to be involved and informed of your care we will communicate with them as a key part of your care.
We care in partnership with you and ask for your preferences, and then offer you meaningful choices based on what matters to you.
Residential Hospital-level Collaboration


‘Great care’ really is about a team of experts working together
Great care is achieved by putting your needs first - always, and not letting the complexity of clinical care get in the way. This takes great skill.
We are an around-the-clock service - there is no such thing as ‘after hours’. We have a network of experts on call 24 hours a day. We always have a nurse on duty.
Residential Hospital-level Care Confidence

Confidence in Staff

‘Great care’ really is provided by ordinary people doing great things
Care is always personal, and is best provided by warm, empathetic, friendly, and above all, well-trained and competent carers who are skilled at getting to know you and your preferences.
The competence of our care staff and our clinical leaders is exceptional, enhanced through regular training specific to providing hospital-level care and managing complex situations specifically in older people.

Clinical Safety

We understand you have fears and anxieties, and that you need to feel safe. Our clinical expertise will give you just the piece of mind you are looking for.
Our leading-edge IT system is the foundation to creating a clinically safe environment for both our residents and staff alike. This system enables our staff to collaborate, share, and compare treatments and therapies with their colleagues and supervisors across the TerraNova group.

Our ability to connect using online tools means our staff and residents are always supported by the larger TerraNova network of clinical expertise, resulting in only the best care decisions being offered to our residents.
Our use of these comprehensive tools places our ability to create a clinically safe environment beyond what can normally be expected in a residential care facility. Our continued investment to further develop these tools sets us apart as a leading organization in the use of technologies to direct and support our care. 

You really are in safe hands

Residential Hospital-level Care Clinical Safety

We are Ready to Help

We offer Hospital-Level Care - please Contact us to get in touch with our manager and to have an obligation-free discussion about how we can help. There is no better time than now to seek the best care for your loved one.


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