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We understand that the transition into your new home is difficult

Moving into a new home is fraught with uncertainty. Complex paperwork, confusing financial considerations, and family dynamics add stress to an already high pressure situation.
With long careers in the Residential Care industry, no one understands the stress of admission into Residential Care better than each of the managers in our homes. From the first day you come to visit our home, our manager will offer expert advice on how to manage the admission process, including help with paperwork, and communicating with government agencies. Our manager will do as much of this work on your behalf as possible, and keep you informed at every step of the way.

Making the Right Decision

During the admission process you will no doubt have many questions about life in your new home. We want you to make an informed decision that you and your family are comfortable with, and  we will help you with this at every step of the way. We will offer genuine , sincere, and impartial advice to help you make the best decision for your situation.

In situations where our homes are not the best option for your care, we will advise you of this honestly and promptly. Our first priority is ensuring that you, as the person requiring care, receives the exact care that you require for your situation. This means that if for whatever reason we cannot provide the exact care that is required, we will be honest about this and help you identify alternatives.

Coping with Difficult Situations

Often the natural feelings of guilt and uncertainty within families   make your moving into care extremely stressful. Our managers are experienced in helping families cope with difficult situations, and many times have been an ear to listen to or a  shoulder to cry on.

Families need to know that helping  a parent into care is OK. Knowing that a loved one will receive care around the clock from qualified professionals is, in fact,  a huge relief for everyone. We provide full service in our homes - laundry, meals, cleaning, and hygiene are all taken care of, allowing you to focus on what's important in life. And with very flexible visiting hours, you don't have to worry about a thing.

Moving into Your New Home

You can arrange to move your belongings into your room before your admission date, meaning that you will be right at home from the very first day of your stay with us. We know that this is not really home as you have known it but we  encourage all new residents to bring along personal belongings to make it feel just a little bit more like home. We will seek to make you feel welcome and accommodate you as much as possible.

One of the ways we like to think of caring is that we are guests in your home, and not the other way around!
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“We have the utmost respect for the tireless effort put in by all the staff on a daily basis”
- Monica’s family



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